About Us

Our new Strategic Plan 2016 coming soon!

 Click below to view The NILS Strategic Plan 2013-15 online or click here to download a pdf.


No Interest Loans Tasmania is overseen by a Committee of Management comprising of stakeholders and supporters who guide the organisation. Day-to-day management is headed by the Coordinator who is supported by Loans Officers, Administration Staff, a Micro-Business Loans Coordinator and others.

For a full list of Committee Members, please click here.

As a charitable organisation, NILS receives funding, sponsorship and support from a range of individuals and organisations.

Key among these is Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania (NHT), whose network of houses and community centres provide NILS with its core Member Agencies, supplemented by other NGOs and community organisations throughout the State.

Member Agencies provide trained NILS Loans Officers to assist people who wish to apply for loans and often provide support for borrowers for a wide range of needs including education, literacy, parent support, meals and a centre for social interaction.


Currently, NILS receives sponsorship funds from the State Government, Aurora Energy and Federal Group Tasmania.

If you wish to support NILS through a donation of funds or services, please contact us on

1300 301 650.